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Originally posted on Youtube: couponing is CANCELLED!

30 thoughts on “couponing is CANCELLED!

  1. i really wanted to do the toilet paper deals. but good thing im already stocked up for about 2-3 months for a family of 8. so glad I started couponing last year.

  2. Couponing is surviving in a country who charges for everything. Don’t believe in US . Never will. Its not the dream land. Never . I live in a beautiful house in my island and still us citizen cause i was born in NY, i dont like to live there. We live here. There’s no couponing. I worked all my life for a private company and I’m proudly retired. We have our own land, no debts and live from our vegetables, oil and wine that we make and everything butter, cake, meat , fruits and vegetables are from our land and cows and chickens. Cleaning and disinfectant are vinegar and obvious Lysol but we bought boxes and boxes since Hurricane Maria. Your President says we don’t need US and he is right. Look for survival stuff online and start a new living💪❤️

  3. It’s so frustrating can’t get any deals! It’s hard to anyway with Couponer’s in my area!! And like everyone in the comments is saying everyone laughed at me, now they’re asking me for stuff 🙄 I’m in NYS so it’s bad around here

  4. My kids had doctor's appointments yesterday and the doctor told us that the coronavirus will be nothing more than a common cold for healthy people. It is not deadly unless you have other chronic illness like COPD. There have been no deaths globally in children and young healthy people. The media is just making a big thing out of it for whatever reason.

  5. I work at Kroger and our cleaning supplies, toilet paper, Kleenex, hand sanitizers, soap and paper towels were cleared out and we had a guy restocking the shelves and the customers were getting them from him as he was getting it off the cart.

  6. Because of Couponers like you, I was able to stockup on essentials since this past summer 🤗 I even gave a full Trader Joe’s bag of supplies to my mom and sister (even though they low key don’t care) and it wasn’t a big deal. Thank you thank youuu!

  7. Tp, pt, disinfectant spray, lysol/clorox wipes, hand sanitizer….What, who? Us couponers have this on lock!!! Yes, ma'am!!! My momma can come shop my stockpile & I'd rather she do than get sick! I'll go brave these mean coupon streets & score us some tp!!! Lol!!! HA! TO EVERY PERSON THAT HAS EVER PICKED ON US COUPONERS!!! Looky who's getting the last laugh, now!!! 😂🤣

  8. Went to DG today to get couple of food items.  Someone almost knocked down an elderly lady trying to run to the back to get toilet paper that was already completely gone!  PLEASE people, if you are a regular couponer and/or have a stockpile, please don't buy Lysol and paper products if you don't need it.  I am seeing youtubers buying carts of stuff to resell in their stock piles and that is just wrong.  If you don't need it for your family or to make a living then leave it for someone who does!

  9. Our toilet paper is on a shortage because it is made in China, same with most paper products.

    They’re also worried they won’t find it because everyone is buying it which is just a crazy cycle that keeps it out of stock

  10. I have a small stock pile of toilet paper and laundry detergent, softener and dryer sheets. What I didn't stock up on was hand soap, sanitizer and Clorox wipes. My Daughter delivered my 7th grandchild in October I had to stop couponing for a 4 months . We had wipes, diapers and formula. Now trying to get more baby wipes and toilet paper is a challenge! I won't let this happen again. Even if I have to take my granddaughter with me every week to Dollar General and Family Dollar. All stores had empty shelves no toilet paper, paper towels, wipes of any kind or sanitizer and liquid hand soap

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