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32 thoughts on “CVS Couponing | FREE + Moneymaker (3/1-3/7) | Free Face Wipes & Shampoo | Shop with Sarah | 3-2

  1. Meditation totally makes a difference. Must do early before you even get your phone . In combo with xanax, buspar and small dose of Zoloft was my sweet spot . I totally know what that’s like and it feels horrible . Prayers 🙏🏻

  2. Hey Sarah! Did you get that $1 off coupon for Butterfinger or Crunch share bag in this weeks SS? I didn’t get it. ☹️ It’s the only one I didn’t get so I won’t be too upset but I just thought it was kinda weird 🤔

  3. I’m sorry you are suffering from panic and anxiety disorder. People don’t realize how awful and serious that really is. It’s too bad there isn’t a pill one could take and be CURED instead of just masking the symptoms. The struggle is real! I’m here for ya ❤️🤗

  4. I used to get panic attacks so bad I would leave a cart full of groceries at the checkout,I would be driving and have to pull over,I went to ER at least 5 times thinking I was having a heart attack,then they completely stopped for 10 yrs only to start up again the last few years,I've gone 72 hrs straight without sleep, antidepressants have helped I so feel for you anxiety it effects your whole life and people that have never had panic attacks or anxiety just don't understand,Eating better, sleeping enough ,meditation class and counseling have really helped me ,I so pray you start feeling better!!

  5. Hi Sarah..FYI if u have almay lip stick in clearance at Walgreen's for 3.99 I bought 1 and got the 8.00 reward good money maker going back for more tomorrow had another 5 left

  6. I bought 4 of the LBP products used 2 of the b1g1 free and when I cashed out a 1.50 came off for them too. Which made them even cheaper because I used (2)4/18 hair care crts. It was a slight money maker.

  7. Wow… awesome… I use to coupon before and I'm trying to get back to coupon and so this was very helpful and wish me luck for my first coupon transaction… sorry to hear that your panic attack…happy to hear that your doing better. Ya we need to get smore soap as we need to wash our hands like all the time… due to that virus…lol 8)

  8. Thank you for being real, open and honest with us about your anxiety. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. I didn’t realize how bad it actually was until the birth of my son, which brought on postpartum depression as well. I’ve also have had 2 panic attacks so I know exactly how you feel. I ended up in the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack in the shower. I finally went to the doctor and got on Wellbutrin and also started therapy. I’m so glad you are starting to feel better. Here to support you always 💜

  9. Hey Sara 👋… I love ya babe 💋 ❤.. I have been doin that anxiety again last few weeks.. N in therapy i do deep breathing techniques she printed for me n i also take Neudexta n another med along with a mood stabilizer.. I get sick at my stomach wit mine too n dont wanna eat but i make myself eat a couple beltiva regardless .. Or i end up Hangry n wanna make a drive thru mcdonalds n svarf a mc chicken sandwich.. Im so sry 4 ya goin thru it too.. My dr said some could not only be my PTSD but hormonal at my age .. Ill be 48.. Lol i hate it but im lovin ya haul.. Ya did great n i try to look presentable too n think itta help me n some days i jus throw my hood on n get out the door.. N sometimes i cant get out to coupon .. I hate it but.. I live wit it for my whole life n sometimes couponing is a excape n sometimes it triggers anxiety .. So i try to get in videos when i can.. Im goin back to dr too .. N i dont know wat to do .. The meds make me sick to stomach so i take some at nite n sleep it thru .. Sad realities .. T4S babe n lotta love .. When crts mess up .. I wait a day or so n sometimes coupon expire n that is frustrating also.. 😲 😢.. But .. Itta come back n ill try things as i can .. Ya kill it tho everywhere ya go n i jus appreciate ya babe.. Sry .4 the book length comment.. Jus know ya truly arent alone n i live ya videos of any type.. ❤ 💋..

  10. I messed up too☹️ I got the love and beauty deal 2 body wash and 1 shampoo and one conditioner should have gotten the $10 reward but the body wash wasn’t included in the deal 😒 I looked on line to see what else I can take that isn’t that expensive and the 3.2 oz Shea smoothie is $4.29 I couldn’t find it in the regular shampoo aisle saw some in the travel section but I don’t know if I should get that one 🤷‍♀️

  11. Im sorry it took so long to get to your video I've been so dang busy I've done NO shopping this week yet 😳😥😱😲😯which is not like me at all but i let stuff pile up. Anyway i hope you know I appreciate all your effort you put into helping us and btw i also hope you know you don't really need makeup you're really pretty without it, but it always looks nice. Have a blessed remainder of the week hunnie.

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