Hey Savers! We have some HOT moneymakers this week!! But stay tuned because there may be another CVS video this week with a second haul! Below are some links to some printable coupons!!

Loreal Elvive IP – http://bcg.coupons.com/link/index/1530460001/2000851/21106128

Covergirl Eye Products IP – http://bcg.coupons.com/link/index/1530460001/2000851/21108106

Nivea –

Maybelline – NLA 🙁

My New Website – https://shop-with-sarah.com

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➡️ www.coupons.com
➡️ The Sunday Local Paper
➡️ Manufacturers Websites

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CVS HOT Moneymakers!!! 3/8 – 3/14
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Originally posted on Youtube: CVS Couponing | Moneymakers! Whoa! (3/8 -3/14) | Deodorant & Shampoo | Shop with Sarah | 3-9

31 thoughts on “CVS Couponing | Moneymakers! Whoa! (3/8 -3/14) | Deodorant & Shampoo | Shop with Sarah | 3-9

  1. U did great girl! I had a coupon for the Persil disc and the cashier had a problem ringing it up I don't understand y but she did. Love your breakdowns and deals! Keep it up girl and breathe!

  2. CVS customer service is crap too! Every time I have called to get something fixed they don't. And tell me to go back to the store. Huh….?I 've only called twice and both times was a waste of time.

  3. Maybe this is unethical of me to suggest but since your spend $30 get $10 extrabuck was force printed couldn’t you technically go spend that other $1 your were short and get another $10 extrabuck? Since force printed ecbs don’t track.

  4. I’m stressing on the $20 off $100 deal. Most scenarios I’ve come across include the L’Oreal & Garnier coupons my region did not receive. There are a few printable options (Not for the Garnier facial tho)but the values are less. And now the L’Oreal skincare MQ is NLA on coupons.com (I’d need 2). Plus the scenarios I’ve seen use CRT’s I did not receive. I’m also worried that a lot of the items I’d need are sold out (I.e. Maybelline eye shadow, Milani lip liners, the new Almay blush… I would want to break even or have it be a money maker. Maybe I’ll have better luck next week.

  5. I did the spend $30 and had my total calculated but got to chatting with the cashier and didn't realize it was too much until after I paid. One of my CRTs didn't come off so the manager force printed me a $2 extra buck. The cashier said she scanned it and it was in her basket of all the coupons, but it didn't come off. Not sure what is going on with these things, but at least the stores are making it right.

  6. So I went shopping and got $25 worth in extra bucks. Lately I have noticed that they expire in 7 days. I used to get them for atleast 2 weeks or more.
    Did it change for everyone?

  7. I did the 100 save 20..i only had 20 ecb,s. After it was all said & done i paid 24$$ & change oop,got back 45 in ecb,s…I was so excited..probably the best ive done with a large haul like that ever.😍😍

  8. You crack me up saying stop babbling Sarah I DO same thing and tell myself what to DO😂 you always rocking CVS it totally confuses the hell out of me. I can rock couponing everywhere but CVS I think the Crts and Ecbs along with the coupons is just overwhelming 😂 like my mind just goes all over the place. I'll do a deal once in the while but i still love watching all yall kill it at CVS oh and once i forgot to use up my $10 ecbs and i still mad at myself bout that. Lol

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