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Children have to be allowed to learn their own lessons, make their own mistakes, find out the hard way. If they never take risks, they never learn.
People who won’t make mistakes, don’t make anything. And that means that you have to take risks.You have to allow them to climb trees, play in sand, do rock climbing, go for night outs, camping with friends, and so on.

You are the one who has to calculate the risk, of course. There are times when the stakes are too high and you will say no.
But, you cannot always operate on a worst-case scenario principle. If you do that, you will say no to everything just because it’s not guaranteed safe. And then your children will learn nothing, and will be ill equipped to make their own decisions, once they leave home. In which case, you won’t have done your job properly.
Of course, if you take risks, sometimes things will go wrong. Your child may end up with a fractured wrist or poor exam results. But they will learn lessons for their life.
I will share you my story, I was always very skeptical with adventures but my partner was dread risk-taker and the result is my twin sons are rough and tough.

They hardly fall sick, they mostly cure themselves naturally, they could climb rocks, trees, mountains, very early in their life.

In fact, the decision to home school them, is also a big risk but if you wish to carve out your ways of life, you need to experiment and experience.
As parents, you will have to venture out among the wide possibilities to discover your effective ways of parenting.
Just like happy children are born to happy parents, adventurous children are born to adventurous parents.
Go, take the risk, you are there to support your child in adversities, isn’t it ?

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