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As we discussed earlier
that your kids are allowed
to drive you mad,
then the reaction that
you are allowed to do something about it, is totally

I feel that you may run away
or hide out for a while.
And do you know, the up-side of your hiding out?

Children learn to sort out and manage things on their own.
You must have heard many-a-times, using “time-out” when your kids misbehave and you send them off to their rooms.
And to your surprise,
they never feel ashamed,
in fact they have more fun when shooed away.
Let’s change the game now on, “time-out” shall mean,
you leave the place and award yourself a hide-out.

Why is it that so many of us feel,
we should not hide-out, even when we have reached the breaking point ?
We feel we are failing in some way as parents, but
actually we are taking the most logical solution.

Parents better know that,
we are humans too and
we all need to run away and hide sometimes.

I have been known to snip into
my car, my favourite hide-out,
when we have had a tough day.

Let me know your favourite
hide-out in the comments below.

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