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Children are heavily influenced by us and you can saddle your kids with all sorts of worries, if you are not careful. Since they are bound to come up with plenty of fears of their own, they really do not need yours as well. So keep your fears to yourself.

Here’s a scenario, you may relate to – I have seen many times at the ZOO, you are with your child in the reptile section, watching a beautiful snake and some parents react like ugh! its horrible. The same happens at the scorpion tank or the crocodile lake. And there are these kids who are susceptible to this and children learn to say the same, UGH! Its horrible to reptiles and creepy animals. Basically your reaction gets registered in the young minds and they tend to dislike the same.

I understand it can be hard to bite your tongue and your kids will pick up on the hidden signals too. But the more you try to conceal your personal worries, the better chance you have of succeeding. That frees your children up to enjoy life and make their own discoveries and develop their very own insecurities without any help from you.

I also discovered an easy way out, if you are susceptible to certain fears, but your partner is not. Let them handle those things, like going for adventures, or trying new things, or driving, or just may be anything. Basically, its humane to be fearful but its equally important to not pass them on, like a legacy to your children.

Passing on my knowledge and wisdom to you through the 100parenting mantras, is a commitment I have made to myself. You are listening to your parenting coach Abhishek Pasari, emotionally yours today and always. Do like and comment below, to spread these mantras far and wide. Have a great day ahead.

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