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Originally posted on Youtube: Should I Be Couponing? | Dollar General $5/$25 Deals – All Digital Scenario | Shop with Sarah | 3-14

32 thoughts on “Should I Be Couponing? | Dollar General $5/$25 Deals – All Digital Scenario | Shop with Sarah | 3-14

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am still couponing at this point. I went to Walgreens today and got a couple things I needed. I couldn't sleep last night because I started seeing all these videos pop up on my phone about the virus, and it really started bothering me. I had to be up at 5 this morning so I was exhausted today. Plus I had to go grocery shopping for the residents at the group home I work at today. The store was an absolute mad house.

  2. Sarah. My prayers are with you and your family. I completely understand about being nervous. I dont think I'm so nervous from the virus but from the way people are reactioning. All my love to everyone. Stay safe.

  3. Yes it’s crazy here in Michigan. So glad I have a mini stockpile of TP, cleaning wipes and a few hand sanitizers. I haven’t gone out this past week. Maybe this upcoming week. Hopefully this hype dies down in a week or two

  4. It was good you got what you got! Begining of the year I did a few deals on tp, so I've been stocked …just enough to fit in the empty spots in my closets…not mass quantities, but enough to get us thru until May-ish. I picked up the last pack of Scott at Walmart the other day and put it back because of my couponing deals, for someone that may need it. I'm trying hard not to go out and coupon. So thank you for sharing! Be safe all! This will pass

  5. Its gonna be fine dont fret. Of course you should do videos what else would we do but just keep on like we normally would. The U.S has been through so much worse than this and we prevailed. We are all going to come through it with more knowledge so this wont happen again

  6. I am sure you make some of your income from the ads on your couponing videos, so I think you should keep making them, and I will keep watching them. We all need to support each other at this time, and I don't want to see people lose income due to either the virus or the panic.

  7. My personal opinion is we have already been thru the worst of the virus. Everyone was so sick for so long starting the end of November and just lingered for months. The drs just said it was a bad virus going around. I say it was Corona, just that no one was tested for it then. Think about it, china has been dealing with it for a long time. Well people went to and from there that whole time.

  8. So, my understanding is that last year many people has a respiratory infection than lasted a couple weeks or so. I'm now being told that many people had the CV. Just take care of yourself as you should and go on with a normal life unless your immune system is compromised.

  9. Ty soo much for doing deals continuing on as normal it’s great we all love it!!! it’s all gonna be alright let your light shine girl we can’t let evil in.. ty for all your time much appreciated!!

  10. Awwh that’s awesome!! If we all help each other no one will go w/o!! god bless us all!! I try to help others when I can I give too like that I sneak over late to my neighbor b sit stuff on their chair outside that’s so neat u do the same

  11. Here in Los Angeles, it is crazy. I am a mother of 3 and we have nothing. The grocery stores near my house have nothing. My mother lives 2 1/2 hrs away. She thankfully helped buy some groceries.
    I am truly scared. Prayers to everyone. 🙏

  12. Sarah stay home go out only if you have to why put yourself at risk for your you tube family I'm sure you can show us scenarios from your home from your stock pile or do make tutorials Stay save

  13. I went to the store today. The lady in line in front of me had two separate transactions. One for her parents and one for her household. She bought paper prods for her parents and herself. When they started to ring up the second transaction, the cashier told her they only allowed 2 paper products per customer. I just told them to pretend like they were mine because I didn't have any. They said okay, and rang her up….lol.

  14. This is the new face of labor. Aldi, CVS, Dollar General and Fam Dollar… It is the same – there are two people working and the thieves, and the shoplifters know the same information. Thanks for the vid! Keep up your work, the public needs to know.

  15. Sarah, I started selling out of my stockpile because so many ppl I knew were out and our stores have no paper products at all. I keep seeing ppl over charging for it and I just charged normal prices so mine are now gone what I was willing to part with don't feel bad for buying when your store had some.

  16. Sarah @ the end of the day u have 2 do what's best for u & ur family. Stay safe 🌞 I'm grateful that cuz we coupon, we have the option to just chill out or slow down cuz we have stockpiles 🤗😘🥰

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